Culture can be seen as overarching human civilisation embracing and expounding the fundamental principles of not only survival but living in a successful community.  Hence, to cultivate is to civilise.  In normal conditions, when all things are equal, the formation and establishment of norms of conduct will be effected by a cultural process of evolution.  In circumstances where there subsists an apparent lack of some fundamental norms of morality, the evolution process has to be accelerated by active and direct intervention.  The widespread occurrence and apparent acceptance of criminal conduct and activity in the Republic of South Africa are indicative of a cultural deficiency in respect of fundamental ethics and morality.

The No Crime Project is in the first instance a project aimed at the creation of an awareness in individual of the need for basic morality, ethics and norms of conduct.  The aim is therefore to inspire, instil, impress and by way of repetition convince people into accepting, believing in, and promoting norms of conduct that would extinguish the tendency to criminal behaviour.